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We had the chance to interview somebody very special in the CD community, but from another point of view, she’s an amazing woman, a makeup artist and the founder of a Crossdressing Makeover Service in Spain, here’s Dafni Coco!


BTG: Who is Dafni?
Dafni: Im the founder of DAFNI GIRLS, a name that gives shape to a lifestyle from elegance, fun and beauty. In my Dressing Service in Madrid, there are many activities, collaborations and events to facilitate the practice of crossdressing in Spain.
I’m 30 years old, I was born in Barcelona but I live in Madrid. I’ve been dedicated and specialised to the world of crossdressing since five years ago.
I consider myself a perfectionist, lover of femininity and beauty, dreamy and cheerful. I maintain a philosophy of life from motivation and enjoy every situation.


BTG: How did you started your career?
Dafni: In 2003 I began my studies of aesthetics, hair and makeup. After, I studied image consulting and styling. I am lover of transpersonal psychology and photography, which has led me to dedicate to this group.
I met this world through a person who requested my makeup services by phone, and from there I loved it and began to specialise in it.


BTG: What is the crossdressing for you?
Dafni: Crossdressing is a pleasure, a pleasure that brings you happiness, beauty, freedom and disconnection.
I dedicate myself 100% to this world and it has changed my life positively. I am more tolerant, I respect many forms of life. I love and appreciate things much more than previously appreciated. By aesthetic I enjoy a lot and I create hope where there was none.
The crossdressing is a great practice to lose fears that society has created throughout history. It is art, is happiness, color!
My goal is that each crossdresser who passing through my life can enjoy this practice. They can feel lucky to be who she is, and to accompany her on this beautiful road is my role.

Dafni Girls


BTG:  What would you advice to CD that are still shy and never have tried a crossdressing service?

Dafni: I would advise CD girls to share this practice with me because is going to bring you benefits and can be a very liberating feeling for you. You will be able to experiment an unforgettable and unique experience, respecting her privacy and anonymity at all moments. Dare to overcome the fears is fundamental for the personal growth. Is key to look close, loving and happy, in order to be able to transmit those feelings and that therefore transvestites feel comfortable with you.


BTG: What would you advice to other makeup artists that are considering to focus on crossdressers?

Dafni: For make up artists, if they are creative and femininity lovers, is a very beautiful world. Although you got to have other skills that varies depending on the person. It is important to look close, loving and happy, to be able to transmit those feeling so the transvestites can feel comfortable.


BTG: What is the current perception of crossdressers and transgender in Spain?

Dafni: The current perception of transgender in Spain is very good. In few years it has grown a lot in terms of visibility and acceptation within the society. We are working on a daily basis to make this practice easier. Is one of the parts that I like most to maximize, and I love to help to popularize this world full of colour, fun and pleasure. I have seen huge progress since I began, my ongoing motivation makes that each day this way of life can be lived in a more freely way, overcoming fears and insecurities. My girls feel each day more comfortable and secure, and I feel very satisfied and proud of it.


BTG: Can you tell us about the crossdressing events that you organise like “Pass the Wig”?

Dafni: The idea of the events “Pass The Wig” arises from the need of creating a day of fun and meeting between crossdresser people and so they can better show off her dress and makeup.
It’s the perfect excuse to dazzle with elegance, beauty and unity of people engaged in this practice.
The idea born in Barcelona in 2013 and currently being held in Madrid to cover more people across the country.
They are quarterly celebrations at night from 22h to 3 o’clock in the morning complemented with shows music and drinks.

In addition to these events, I organise gatherings to celebrate birthdays, holidays or just meetups between my clients who choose meet more people crossdresser. I look for their profiles, I think they’ll get along well is by tastes, styles, age or way of being.

BTG: Wow, thank you so much Dafni!
Dafni: All people who want to visit Madrid, I will be happy to know them!
A big hug, Dafni Cocó.


You can check Dafni Website or Instagram and of course Facebook page.

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