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How about LGBT perception in Japan?
There more knowledge and openess compared to when Naho opened the studio, today is possible to see on TV also LGBT celebrities and also advertising showcasing gender issues. Also written publications have been out on the market to educate more, like Diamond media, and also the future holds big changes as big events will be held here like 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Naho hopes that it will become even more mainstream and one of her dreams is to do a full transformation of the famous japanise actor and director Takeshi Kitano.

What advice would you give to a CD that has never tried your transformation service?
Naho: I hope you may have brave heart to knock on our door.
You are welcome to the salon and our staff can understand your deepest feelings from the bottom of your heart.
Our salon will leads you to open your heart during the transformation.
Once you enjoy the transformation, you wont ever have the shy feeling again.
I strongly suggest you that you have transformation, don’t close your feeling or you may hold your real self.

What advices you would give to other makeup artists?
Naho: The perfect makeover is not enough.
Communication is important and full and deep understanding what CD feels and thinks.
The makeup artist might be only person who understands the CD or your guest.
Please tell your guest, transformation is not something bad, you don’t have to have awkward or strange.
I wish you could be good artist for both techniques and help to open their mind for your guest.

Check out some video transformations:

Thank you so much Naho for this wonderful interview!
You can check Naho Zoom studio here: http://jyosou-zoom.com/
Their blog: http://ameblo.jp/naho-zoom

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