United Kingdom – Interview with Jenny Kingswood

We finally had the pleasure to chat and interview a beautiful CD girl from UK, meet Jenny Cosplay!

Boy to Girl: Can you tells us a bit about yourself and about your name?

Jenny: Jenny Cosplay is my alter-ego. I’ve always liked the name Jenny. As for Kingswood, it’s a suburb of Dublin (near Tallaght) and is where my mother was born. (Fun fact, Kingswood was also a car, the Chevrolet Kingswood!) She is everything that is glamorous, creative and feminine about me! I love so many aspects of the female world, especially empowered women. I grew up in the 1970s and 1980s when we saw strong female characters on the screen, like Wonder Woman, and Charlie’s Angels. I always loved seeing them and felt inspired by how they kicked ass.

Jenny Cosplay

BTG: How did you started?

Jenny: I started out like most people, experimenting with dresses and makeup. Over time I tried to develop a particular style, but in fact that didn’t work for me at all. I couldn’t pick a single look! Nowadays, I will try any idea or theme, and I love changing things up. Whether it’s a new hairstyle, or cosplaying a new female character, or developing a vintage theme from a different era, I always have fun crossdressing. My next ambitions are to do more Star Wars inspired cosplay, to do a female version of Iron Man (Jenny Stark), and to try a Game of Thrones inspired series of cosplays.

I have always tried to express myself through cross-dressing, but I really developed my passion for strong female characters a few years ago, especially when I discovered the vintage and pinup scene. I love pinup because so much of it is by women, for women. I saw so many inspirational people out there, and I thought if I could be even a little bit like them, it would be a great thing to do. I see my cross dressing as a sort of tribute act to all the amazing women in the world.

Jenny Cosplay

BTG: Can you tell us about your first time in public?

Jenny: My first time out in public was a shopping trip. I wasn’t brave enough to go on my own, so a girl friend that always helped me with my makeup came along as well. I was terrified when I went out of the house for the first time, but once we were in the car heading for the shops it was so exciting I didn’t have time to be nervous! We had a really fun day and I bought three outfits, and it was a great experience to be able to try things on and see what they like, instead of ordering online and making mistakes. I go out shopping or for dinner regularly now, and I always make a point of chatting to people.

Jenny Cosplay

BTG: What about your personal relationships and your crossdressing?

Jenny: I am open about being gender fluid with my close friends and my partner, so my social circle is quite wide. It makes it a lot easier (and more fun) to be able to talk about girl stuff openly! I’m also a strong believer in feminism and empowered women, and I’ve found that explaining why I’m inspired to be gender fluid is something that gets a positive response. My day job is boring and there isn’t really scope to express myself in work, so that’s the one place I haven’t come out in. Sometimes I think it’d be great to be able to go to work in a smart skirt suit, but one of the fun things about being gender fluid is that I don’t have to put on makeup every day, only when I feel like expressing that side of myself. Overall, I feel very happy to have a good balance in my life, and that all the people that are close to me know about this side of my personality and accept and celebrate it.

I was very open with my partner right from the start, and I have always presented it as a positive thing, not something to apologise for. At the same time, I understand it’s something that my partner doesn’t want to join in with, so I respect boundaries. Like all things in a long-term relationship, honesty and compromise are both important.

Jenny Cosplay

BTG: How would you define yourself in regard of CD, TS or Genderfluid?

How we describe our passion is a really difficult area! I don’t classify myself as transgender, and I have no desire to transition. But I don’t really think of myself as a cross-dresser either, as even in boy-mode I have many characteristics and interests that are traditionally thought of as female. I like the term gender fluid, because however I am dressed, I try not to be controlled by traditional ideas of gender, and just be true to myself.

BTG: Is there anything you’d like to say to other young crossdressers?

Jenny: I think the advice I would give to people is that everyone has to find their own balance. I don’t think it’s truly possible yet to have it all; being gender fluid will bring challenges, and relationships will be more difficult. That said, I’ve found that being open right from the start with people I meet has always been the best policy. I’ve had very few bad experiences, and an awful lot of positive ones!

jenny cosplay

BTG: And what would you suggest for the professional photoshoots?

Jenny: As to the professional photoshoots, this is a big part of my life. I enjoy being a model for the day, and it’s a good outlet for my girly side, and I enjoy hanging out with make-up artists and photographers, they are creative and so am I! When I’ve wanted to get in touch with a professional photographer I’ve always been up-front and asked how they feel about working with members of the LGBTQ community, and of course they have all been fine with it. The key is to be respectful of the photographer, not to ever put them in an awkward position, and to present a positive image of what it means to be transgender. I hope that all the photographers I have worked with have found me to be a fun individual and have enjoyed helping me realize my ideas and creations, whether its cosplay or vintage or boudoir shots. And the more shoots I do, the better I get at posing!

Jenny Cosplay

BTG: Can you tell us about CD and TS Community where you live?

Jenny: I’m lucky in that I live in London, which is very cosmopolitan. I’ve never had any difficulties in going out dressed to nice restaurants or good shops. Cities are generally more tolerant and open-minded than smaller towns; I’ve also spent a lot of time in girl mode in Manhattan, and my experiences there were very similar. I think when I started exploring my gender fluidity, back in the 1990s, there was still an active scene in London, but it was more localized to Soho. These days, provided you are respectful, people from all parts of the LGBTQ spectrum can go out in Central London without worrying.

BTG: Thank you Jenny for you time, you’re an amazing and we love your Photoshoots! 🙂

You can connect with Jenny on INSTAGRAM.

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