Taiwan – Interview with CD Linda

A very nice interview with a beautiful CD girl from Taiwan, meet Linda Chang.

Taiwan Linda

Boy to Girl: Can you tells us a bit about yourself?

Linda: I am Linda, a part-time cross-dresser. I am married and I live in Taiwan.

BTG: When did you start to crossdressing?

Linda: I remember the first time that I put on my Mum’s panties and pantyhose was at my 10 years old. Since that, I couldn’t help to think about what sexuality, what I wanted to be but still keep trying my Mum’s clothes and shoes.

BTG: Can you tell us about the origin of you female name?

Linda: The first time my wife helped me fully make up and transform me as a woman, she thought I looked like a Taiwan actress whose name was Linda. After that, Linda was the name of my alter ego.




BTG: What about your personal relationships and your crossdressing?

Linda: A few years later when the Internet came, I had new ways to find other crossdressers on Internet and read their stories. I knew more and more about who I am and what I belong to. I confirm that I am still attracted to women when I met my first girlfriend. However, I started to buy my own female clothes and shoes. When I proposed to my fiancee and she say yes, I stopped crossdressing for almost 3 years until one day she knew my deepest secret by accident. I tried a lot of effort to tell her everything about what crossdresser is and finally she knew that she is the only person I loved.

Although She won’t stop me crossdressing, she still don’t like me to go out as Linda. No one knows my crossdressing except my wife so far.


BTG: how did you tell your wife about Linda? 

Linda:  I had no intention to tell my wife about Linda in the first place. That’s why I didn’t crossdress after I proposed to her. After marriage, I applied for being a graduate student in U.S. and she came with me. One day when we went to the shopping mall nearby, there was a big sale at women shoes department. She bought a pair of high-heels for me and just wanted to make fun of me. However, she didn’t know I had the experience on high-heels and I just took the advantage of asking her to give me the full transformation. In that case, she finally saw Linda and she also knew Im a crossdresser. After that, I seriously took a lot of time to explain who I am and how I love her in order to make her calm down and understand who I am. She just want to know that I am not gay or I won’t change my appearance with any medicines or surgeries. The most important of all, she just want to know I am still the man who love her.

BTG: What is crossdressing for you?

Linda: When I started, I would just put some female clothes and shoes to enjoy myself. After once I fully transform my self into Linda from head to toes, including wig, makeup, underwear…etc. Crossdressing is a kind of challenge for me. I always say that I “mimic” the woman I like. I try to feel how to be a woman by putting her clothes and shoes and go out to see the world in a different perspective. Before you can do that, of course you need to be able to pass as a convincing female. That is my ultimate goal. I find it truly different what people treated me when they really thought I am a female. Crossdressing is my other way to explore the world.

Linda Chang

BTG: Can you tell how was your first time out in public? how did you find the courage and confidence? 

Linda: Because the Ragii Planet experience, the thought of wanting to go out as Linda alone became more and more strong. The first difficulty thing was the voice, Linda still needed to interact with people by herself, like buying something, talking to the taxi driver even have just a little conversation. Linda did a research on the Internet and practice for a period of time. Second, Linda need to find a way to leave her alter ego’s apartment without her neighbors to notice.
After all these thing were resolved, Linda still feel afraid so she ask a CD sister as a male companion to accompany with her. The first time Linda go out it was to see a movie, and everything went smoothly. After that, Linda tried go out by taking taxi instead of driving, have a coffee in Starbucks, even have dinner with other experienced sister. Now, Linda go out one or two times everyweek and this becomes my common part of life.


BTG: Is there anything you’d like to say to other young crossdressers?

Linda: If I had a chance, I hope Linda wasn’t born. However, I know I can’t help myself and I am still trying to figure out what happened to me.

For those young crossdressers, it’s lucky for you to go out in public because more and more people can accept you.
However, I still want to give some advices, for all of us own good, please act and dress as a “normal” woman when you crossdress outside. Also, please train yourself harder to look like a elegant female instead of a man in women’s clothes. That means you need to learn a lot about make-up, female behaviors, poses, dressing styles, and walking. Like I always say, I hope people look me as a “normal woman”, not a “beautiful crossdresser”. In that way, you can see what Linda sees.

I won’t suggest CDs to tell their family about the truth, even their wifes. The chance that your partners are persuaded is very low. I also saw some CDs had very bad consequences in which they lost their fiancee. My case is not ordinary and not every woman will think as my wife does. So I really thank my wife for not leaving me. If you really want come out of closet, make sure you prepare to face whether you lose your partner or you give up crossdressing.


Taiwan Linda

BTG: What are your favourites websites, blogs, people about the CD or TS world?

Linda: I used to visit crossdressers website or theirs blog, but now facebook is the largest source to know something about us.

BTG: Can you tell us about CD and TS Community where you live?

Linda: Before 2010, I am still alone suffering on the Internet to found information about CD and TG. Oneday one of my CD friend told me a secret CD and TS Community called “Ragii Planet”, I just started to improve my CD skills fast.

It’s like I found another world that people are the same with me in Taiwan. I am so excited to read every article which sisters shared their makeup, clothing style, going out experiences. I was just like a sponge to absorb everything I read and started to practice what I learn on myself.
At the beginning, no one want to interact with me because I have no photo on the website. I decided to upload my picture and that was the first time Linda shown up on the Internet. It appeares that Im a pretty good student because my photo got many positive responses. Sisters started to noticed me and talked to me. In order to practice my CD skills I enforced myself to upload pictures everyweek. To do that, I need to practice makeup, try many different clothes and take photos for myself weekly.
After more and more photos uploaded, I got an invitation to join a outdoor photography activity with a sisters’s group. They are all senior members of “Ragii Planet” and all of them are so convincing and beautiful. After that, I finally succeed to get into a sisters’s group I like and we hold many activities every year on Ragii Planet until the Facebook era coming.
Now sisters in my group all left Ragii Planet and migrate to Facebook. Ragii Planet also becomes public and it’s no more a secret, but it’s still a beautiful memory in Linda’s life.

BTG: Can you suggest us some inspiring CD person that we should interview next?

Linda: Norika and Little Ann.


Taiwan Linda

BTG: How do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?

Linda: Now, It’s my final stage of cross dressing because I am no longer younger. Linda still want to enjoy the world and I try to fulfil her dreams as possible as I can. Few years later, maybe one day I can’t satisfy Linda’s appearance anymore, it will be the time Linda say goodbye to the world.

BTG: Thank you Linda for you time, you’re an amazing CD lady! 🙂

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