Italy – Interview with CD Melania

A very nice interview with another lovely crossdresser girl this time from Italy, meet Melania!


BTG: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Melania: Hello, I am Melania an italian Crossdresser from Rome. I am 29 and I love to dress up as a lady since the beginning of 2014. The first time I wore randomly female dresses was in a carnival party some years ago. I was surprised about how many guys tried to approach me thinking I was a real lady. It was so funny.
I have a normal life: a job, an house where I live with my boyfriend even if he does not accept me as a crossdresser.


BTG: What about the origin of you female name?

Melania: Melania comes from Melanie C (former of the Spice Girls), my favourite singer since I was a kid. The name has been readapted in Italian.

BTG: When did you start to crossdressing?

Melania: I seriously started with crossdressing in 2014 when my boyfriend has decided to go working in another country. I am always been in love with female dresses and make up but never had a real possibility to afford it because my boyfriend does not like me in the female version.

So when he left Italy to go working abroad I have found time to dedicate to my female part and started to make some experiments on me. The results were so impressive to me and day after day tried to do my best to look better in front of the mirror. You can check my progress on my facebook profile.

My family does not know anything about my crossdressing. Only some trusty friends know it.


BTG: What is crossdressing to you?

Melania: As I said before I live my crossdressing only as a hobby. I adore to express this part of me because if I do not do it I feel sad and restless. Doing shopping, fit me in skirts, playing with lipsticks really electrify me… At the moment I cannot live it without it!

BTG: What about your personal relationships and your crossdressing?

Melania: Now, I live crossdressing only for fun not as a constant reality. I live my female part only in the evening at home or outside in some clubs or restaurants. I do not want to become a transgender girl because not have a real motivation and I am afraid of surgery and hormones.


BTG: How is like to crossdress in your city, Rome. Is it safe? Do you have any experience to share? since you mentioned that you been approached by many guys.

Melania: In Rome I always attend gay friendly clubs where crossdressing is accepted and no one stairs at you as an alien. In Italy, people are still not open minded about this theme. Many straight guys in clubs or online try to approach me and ask me the phone number to meet me later. I am always clear with them saying I am a crossdresser. Someone does not care about it and some runs away. 😉

BTG: What would you like to say to other young crossdressers?

Melania: I see many crossdressers using crossdressing only for vulgarity. Some of them only make it for sex perversions.My advice is to use crossdressing to create a real female identity from the inside to the outside then.
If you feel like a woman you do not need to undress your body or acting like a pornstar. Being a lady is so much more than it.

melania3 copy

BTG: What are your favourites websites, about the CD or TS world? what are your sources of inspiration?

Do not have favourite blogs except the page “Boy to Girl” on facebook.
I have an idea of femininity totally mine.

My tipical sources of inspiration are not orher crossdressers but biological women(friends or showbusiness women). I want to learn the best as I can all the secrets of this magical world.
Observing them helps me to get better results with my image.


BTG: How do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?

Sadly, I think I will stop crossdressing when my boyfriend will be back home permanently.
I love him so much and I do not want to lose him about my crossdressing. He is homosexual and will never find attraction in me as a girl.
Melania will be buried but, she will continue to live in my memories.

BTG: Thank you Melania for you time, we really hope you wont stop crossdressing as you look indeed as amazing lady! 🙂

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